• BSc in Chemical Engineering, Shiraz University, Iran (2006).
  • MSc (with distinction) in Chemical Engineering, University of Alberta (2010).
  • PhD (with high distinction) in Chemical Engineering, University of Alberta, Canada (2015).
  • The focus of Dr. Mani’s academic studies has been on “clean technology” for the issues related to oil and gas.
  • In 2015, Dr. Mani joined Extraordinary Adsorbents Inc.
  • Dr. Mani’s work has involved custom designing adsorbents for different processes such as low-grade air separation, landfill gas purification, nitrogen-methane separation, high purity oxygen generation and nuclear waste scrubbing. Dr. Mani builds designs and conducts bench-scale fixed bed test and mathematical modeling to determine adsorbents’ capacity and performance under simulated conditions.

Extraordinary Adsorbents Inc.

10230 Jasper Avenue, Room #4-180, Edmonton, Alberta, T5J 4P6, Canada