We are world leaders in custom Titanates and Titanosilicates

Specializing in Molecular Sieves Adsorbents for: 

  • Rare gas concentration (especially Xenon, Radon, and Krypton)
  • Supported nanometal particles for gas purification and antimicrobial coatings
  • Ar/O2 separation for oxygen purification and/or the generation of argon
  • Nitrogen/Methane (and other) separations by the Molecular Gate® effect from their original inventor, Prof. Steven M. Kuznicki
  • Unique high-performance ion-exchangers for radionuclides (Cesium, Strontium, Copper, Uranium, and others)
  • Low temperature/Low energy regenerable desiccants for high efficiency gas drying and energy applications including the potential collection of water from air

Featured Adsorbent Products: 

  • ETS-1 – scavenging Cs and other cations
  • ETS-2 – scavenging Sr, Ba, Pb, and other cations, as well as being a unique nano-copper support
  • ETS-4 – based Molecular Gate® adsorbents, especially for N2/CH4 and other hydrocarbon separations and purifications
  • ETS-10 – based adsorbents and ion exchangers (and derivatives such as ETAS-10)
  • Ag-ETS-10 – based noble gas adsorbents for the concentration of Xe, Rn, and Kr
  • Ag-Al–chabazite – based antimicrobial agents
  • Tailored adsorbents (such as ETS-14) for the concentration of Ba, Li, and other cations

For more information, please contact Prof. Steven Kuznicki at Kuznicki@ualberta.ca.

Steve Kuznicki speaks on invention from Smart Network’s  Making Research Matter symposium on June 3rd, 2021. 

Molecular Gate® is a registered trademark of BASF CATALYSTS LLC exclusively licensed to Guild Associates of Dublin, OH