We are world leaders in custom Titanates and Titanosilicates

Specializing in Molecular Sieves for: 

  • Rare Gas Concentration (especially Xenon and Radon)
  • Supported Nanometal Particles (Ag and Cu) for gas purification and antimicrobial coatings 
  • Ar/O2 separation for Oxygen purification
  • Nitrogen-Methane (and other) separations by the Molecular Gates® effect from their original inventor Steven M Kuznicki
  • Unique high performance Ion exchangers for Radio Nucleotides (Cs, Sr and U)
  • Low Energy Regenerable desiccants for Gas Drying and energy applications

Featured Products: 

  • ETS-1 – cesium scavengers
  • ETS-2 – strontium scavengers and nano-copper supports
  • ETS-4  based Molecular Gates® adsorbents
  • ETS-10  based adsorbents and exchangers
  • Ag-ETS-10  based noble gas adsorbents
  • Ag-Al–chabazite based antimicrobial agents

For more information, please contact Prof. Steven Kuznicki at Kuznicki@ualberta.ca